Glass and light work perfectly together and have been used in ornate chandeliers for generations. Now, with the development of LED and other lighting technologies and the wider choice of colours, if you have the skills, design options for creating breathtaking chandeliers are almost beyond imagination.

We continue to work with many interior designers and clients worldwide to create unique feature designs for Hotels, Malls, corporate buildings, exclusive homes and palaces. Used as extraordinary feature pieces, as well as practically providing light and ambiance, sometimes with colour changing illumination or clear light emphasising the myriad of colours included in each glass piece, every commission with which we are involved, never ceases to be exciting and challenge the boundaries of what has been created before.

The examples shown all started with ideas, discussions, sketches and drawings and were then turned into stunning reality. We are looking forward to seeing the results of some of our current projects in due course. This area of work epitomises the value of combining our interiors project experience worldwide with the skills of our glass artists and creators, as every chandelier and lighting feature will be made individually by hand and often even installed by our team. It will therefore be truly unique. After all the work and thought involved, you really wouldn’t want to anyone else to have one that is the same would you?! Talk to us.