Being passionate about glass and the skills of the artists and creators we know, it would be a surprise if we did not claim that it is the most versatile material to use in and for any interior decoration wouldn’t it?! In truth, this hasn’t always been the case, but the range of useable colours for glass has grown dramatically since the days of primarily blowing, skilfully cutting and carving crystal. Now the ‘palette’ from which artists can choose is beyond boundaries and their abilities to create colourful and stylish pieces in almost any colour and combinations is seemingly also without limits. These are exciting times.

It is now possible to match or enhance interior design colour schemes, corporate colours and design themes, using specific and combinations of colours and textures.

Colours stimulate responses and reactions and when used successfully as part of a whole interior, atmosphere and ambiance. For trophies and display pieces in companies, they enhance branding and identification.

Almost every piece shown on this site could arguably have been included in this section, but we decided to show some additional examples of feature panels, platters, vases, bowls, dishes and coasters just to tempt you to contact us and to prove that we can create almost anything in glass that you ever need or dreamt about !