Interior designers have the ability to create ‘escapism’ within buildings and rooms – taking people away from everyday life and creating comfort, atmosphere and ambiance through their designs. It is the lure of the sea, coastline and countryside that stimulates and inspires some of our glass artists, to create pieces that are perfectly compatible with these needs.

Some of the images here are just a few examples of what has been possible. Radiant bowls, ‘wave’ wall panels, jelly fish shells, birds mouth bowls and vases, fish tails and whole fish and more. Smooth or textured and almost any shape and size you need, in blues, greens, browns, reds – natures stunning palette of colours brought to life by the artists skills. Glacier panels have also been produced for an ice cool effect and will be appearing in a 5 start hotel soon. Further example of how by working with us, you can add your own ‘signature’ to any room or complete interior.