Gold and silver suggest wealth, opulence and style and will always be noticed, whether being worn or within a feature display in an interior. It makes people feel successful, that they are with people who are, or that an ‘occasion’ is even more special. The ability of our glass artists to incorporate gold and silver within or outside glass pieces has grown significantly during the past few years. Some of the golden trailing vases and bowls are actually finely spun gold and silver glass, whilst other pieces shown in this and other sections, include real leaves of 23 1/4 carat gold or silver and platinum.

Working with a restaurant chain that wanted pieces to enhance a ‘flame grilled’ theme’ interior, we created displays in ‘firey reds’ and added some gold decoration, just to make sure everyone notices! In some of the cast pieces we include gold or silver too. Often our parents and older relatives used to display and use fine cut crystal (and we are happy to make that too) for special occasions. Including gold and silver in glass designs is increasingly becoming the progression in this 21st century.