Steve ParkerHaving been born in the heart of the once world capital of glass making many years ago, perhaps it was only natural, to try to use my business expertise to establish a company aimed at saving the industry. It continues to be fascinating and exciting how demand from clients worldwide is helping the company to evolve and expand.

We regularly work with interior designers and company and individual clients to design and create feature pieces for hotels, restaurants, commercial buildings and superior homes. We have created many special commissions and awards for local, national and international organisations.

In November 2009, we were honoured to conduct Glass Master classes and demonstrate our skills to some of the top interior designers in the world at ifi09 Dubai. Since then we have been working on many new designs and specifications of chandeliers, wall panels, interiors features and decoration for various projects. We believe that glass provides interior designers and public and private clients, with the best opportunity to create stunning features, originality and personality inside or outside a building.

The images and information in this website will hopefully provide you with some ‘designs, styles and inspirations’ and convince you that whether a piece should be made from blown, drawn, fused, cast, flame-worked, cut or carved glass, a mix of these skills, or combined with other materials, we have the capabilities to turn your ideas into reality. I can give you complete assurance that in this machine-led, high technology age, everything in this collection is created by hand and each piece is truly unique, created with care, dedication and skill, especially for you.

Contact us to exchange ideas soon!

Best wishes,

Steve Parker

EllieP.S. While i was establishing The Stourbridge Glass Collection Limited, my ‘locally famous’ dog Ellie was diagnosed with cancer and sadly died. As in the human form, research into finding cures for cancer is continuing and a donation from all sales from this site will be made to the Flatcoated Retriever Tumour Survey in her memory. See www.flatcoated-retriever-society.org. 'Mille' is now the company dog and justifies these contributions.